Fun Games to Play with Toddlers


Keeping your toddler engaged for a long time is one of the most tasking things parents and caregivers have to figure out. This is mainly because kids have a short attention span, and they lose their interest fast.

When you predict that you will be having extra-time with your toddler than usual, it is essential to be prepared. Some of the factors you need to consider before choosing a game for your toddler include;

  • Safety – when it comes to children, safety does not end where the fun begins.
  • Their interests – children will only focus on an activity that intrigues them. Thus, you should base your answers on things that interest them.
  • The end goal – every activity in a toddler’s life is directed towards learning. This is the stage where they are picking up things from their daily activities. Thus, ensure you define what you want them to learn before starting.

There are many exciting activities you can engage in with your child. These include games you can play indoors. Discussed below are some fun things you can do with your toddler:

  1. Creating home versions of games– you could use your child’s ball to bowl, place items at a different end from where you are standing and knock them down. You could also use tape to create boundaries for the game.
  2. Cooking – toddlers are often interested in the activities you are engaging in but lack the ability to participate. Thus, you could give them flour, dough, or whip cream and let them have a go at it.
  3. Have a tea party and dress-up – use make-up and fancy outfits you don’t wear a lot and have a fashion show with your baby. Take photos to keep the memories.
  4. Create illusion rides – use cartons and clothes as vehicles and drag your child through an open floor. Ensure to make car noises to make it more fun. You can also drive toy cars and then allow the toddler to clean their cars after you are done playing.
  5. Use the bathtub as a ball-pit – you will get a cleaner and safer ball-pit experience. Fill your tub with toys, stuffed animals, and balls. You can also use water beads.
  6. Use bed sheetsand bedding to create a fort and fill it with items that your child loves. You can also use cardboards; the point is to utilize the items you already have.
  7. Let your child explore their artistic nature. Teach them to make necklaces with cereals. You can also use edible paint to create art. Dress them in clothes you don’t necessarily mind and let them paint to their heart’s content.
  8. Nursery rhymes are also a fun way to educate and play.

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