Safety Tips for Using Bounce Houses with Young Children

For most parents, the idea of safety is a constant tune playing in their heads. Even in fun situations such as parties, you will find them continually checking for their child’s safety. This, although necessary, is not always effective. A single blink could make you miss a risky incident.

Bounce houses are a fad in most kids’ parties, and as such, there have been several accidents caused by several factors, especially over-excitement. Thus, it is important for parents to be equipped with the necessary information to avoid these incidents.

How to Ensure Safety in Bounce Houses

By following the set protocol on installation, use, and regulations will help you avoid accidents. Before you decide to have a bounce house in your child’s party, you need to decide whether you will need it to be professionally installed or you want a DIY. Then, you need to look through the regulations that are in place in your location.

Discussed below are some pointers you can use when using a bounce house:

  1. Always regulate the number of children in the bounce house at a time. Ensure that you observe the limits set on occupancy.
  2. Put children of the same age at the same time. This helps you avoid the idea of roughhousing. Older kids could easily hurt the younger ones. There are also rules on what age one has to be before being allowed in a bounce house. Do not put little children in the house.
  3. Inform the children on the rules to using the bounce house. You could mention that physical contact is prohibited and they are not to attempt stunts. Also, mention the idea of playing away from an exit to avoid the likelihood of falling out.
  4. Ensure that there is an adult supervisor, you could assign someone or have the operator be keener. They are to assist the kids in getting in and out of bounce house.
  5. The location where you set up should be clearly picked out. It should not be near any walls or sharp objects. Furthermore, do not inflate the bounce house on concrete.
  6. Constantly look out for deflation, it will be gradual, which could lead to children being hurt.
  7. Be keen on the weather condition, especially the possibility of strong winds. There is a high possibility of the bounce house been flown away with children in it, thus, ensure it is strongly anchored.
  8. Instruct all children to remove all ornaments, accessories, glasses, and anything else that might be caught up during play. Also, encourage them to wear the proper outfit such as socks that don’t slide.

Professionalism is critical in the safe operation of bounce houses. You can also appoint more than one person to supervise for extra safety.