Steps to Create Your T-Shirt

Creating your T-shirt at home is a lot of fun, and it can bring money closer to you if you decide to monetize your designs. If you have a creative eye, the exercise will be fun and easy. You can decide to screen print your T-shirts at home or send the job to a professional printer. Here are the steps you need to follow while designing your T-shirt at home:

Plan your designs

Sit back and give a deep thought to what you would like your designs to represent. If you want to advertise some products or want to reinstate a statement, the purpose will play a crucial role in how your T-shirt designs will look. If the main goal for your designs is to advertise a brand, a company, or a sports team, you need to focus on the logo and the tagline. When designing the logo, focus mainly on the colours of a brand. If your focus is to illustrate unique designs and statements, you will want to focus on how it will appear on the T-shirt after the final product has been screen printed. And if you are illustrating a personal statement in your T-shirt designs, adding your portrait won’t do any harm but rather enhance what you are telling out to the population.

Pick the right colour scheme

Before you put your heads up for the design work, think of suitable colour schemes to use. Again depending on the motive of your T-shirt designs, you will know what colour schemes to select. Again the material colour will determine how you want your designs for the T-shirt. If you are choosing darker themes, then your designs should carry more of lighter colours and vice versa. Make sure the themes you choose do not overwhelm your designs; for example, if your logo has more of a red colour, the appropriate theme should not diminish the logo to an extent you cannot recognize it from a few meters away.

Add dimensions

Once everything is set in your design, it might be right but still look flat or unidimensional; what to do here is to add dimension. You can create some depth in areas of your T-shirt by adding colour to the layer beneath. The illustrator will perform this task well.

Balance the design

The process involves bringing all elements and components of your design to form a whole design. How you combine objects of your design depends on what your overall design is composed of. If your design has smaller elements like stars, animals, or a logo, it will look fine when you strike a balance for your design. Even when it is one large image, you still want it to appear in the middle and perfectly balanced, not too high or too low, not more to the right or the left. As a designer, you must master the art of striking a balance for your designs to appear proportional.

Decide the position of your designs

In most cases, designs on T-shirts appear on the front side, but some look fine when placed on the rear side of the T-shirt. Choose where it is appropriate for your preferred audience.

Complete the mockup

You will want to put in a sketch of your designs before heading to mass production. Ideally, you might find reasons to tweak and twist the designs until you are ready for the final production.

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